Holiday Catering Menu

Handcrafted Miniature Dessert Tarts    $2/Each  (Two Dozen Minimum Order) 

Vixen GF*     Crushed Peppermint   Ÿ  Chocolate Pastry Cream  Ÿ  Whipped Cream  Ÿ Peppermint Brownie Crust 

Upside Down Eve      Citrus Fig  Preserves  Ÿ  Lemon Mascarpone Cream  Ÿ Rosemary Crust

Ginger     Passion Fruit  Curd  Ÿ   Ginger Cream Cheese Ÿ  Lemon Shortbread Crust

La Cubanita      Tart Guava  Ÿ  Lime Cream Cheese  Ÿ  Lime Zest Ÿ  Shortbread Crust

Irish Siren GF*     Mocha Mousse  Ÿ  Salted Caramel Drizzle Ÿ  Bailey's Whipped Cream Ÿ Brownie Crust

Joelle     Tart Lemon Curd  Ÿ  Market Berries  Ÿ  Lemon Cream Cheese Ÿ  Lemon Shortbread Crust

Mother Nature GF* Vegan+     Fresh Berries  Ÿ Coconut Cream  Ÿ Multigrain Crust

Mary Ann   Shredded Coconut  Ÿ  Vanilla Pastry Cream  Ÿ  Toasted Coconut  Ÿ  Whipped Cream  Ÿ  Coconut Crust

Lucy & Ethyl     Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache  Ÿ  Salted Caramel  Drizzle  Ÿ  Chocolate  Truffle Crust

Juliette     Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache  Ÿ  Mint Drizzle    Ÿ Chocolate Truffle Crust

Mini Pies     $39.95/Dozen  (Dessert for 12 ) 

Pear Cardamom               Lattice Apple              Pumpkin Ginger                   Bourbon Pecan

Savory Brunch & Appetizer Tarts     $29.95/Dozen  (Appetizers for 4-6 ) 

Leek Camembert                Wild Mushroom                  Spinach Goat Cheese                 Bacon Cheddar  

Hearty Savory Pies     Priced as Marked/Half Dozen  (Entrées for 6 ) 

Roasted Chicken Pot Pie $39.95               Beef and Potato  $49.95        Roasted Vegetable GF* Vegan+$39.95

Pricing Includes Free Delivery in Greater Long Beach     Ÿ  Please Allow 72 Hours Notice for All Catering Orders  

Custom Combinations are Encouraged     Ÿ Mixed Orders (fewer than 6 per selection) May Contain Substitute Items

GF* – Prepared with gluten-free ingredients        Vegan+ – Prepared without eggs, dairy, refined sugars or honey   

*All crusts baked on shared equipment – trace gluten may be present

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